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Video: Protesters Arrested After Dumping Real Money Inside Senate Building


Three demonstrators were arrested by Capitol Police Thursday after they stormed the Senate Hart building and scattered a bag of cash around the building’s lobby.

Again, they dumped and then frolicked in real, actual, honest-to-goodness cash.

The demonstration was part of an anti-Monsanto protest. The protesters were pretending to be lobbyists "thanking" politicians for their support, the Washington Examiner reports.

"The USCP arrested three demonstrators in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building," Lt. Kimberly Schneider told the Washington Examiner.

"They were charged with 'Crowding, obstructing and incommoding' under D.C. Code 22-1307,” the officer added.

Again, as confirmed by Lt. Schneider, the protestors dumped real money all over the building’s lobby:

It was left to the Capitol Police to scoop up the cash and bag it as evidence:


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Featured image Charlie Spiering/Washington Examiner.


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