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Christian Mom Scores Big Victory After School Banned Daughter's 'God' Assignment


"I strictly wanted Erin’s right to be able to express herself not to ever be taken away again."

A photo of Erin’s assignment about admiring God (Photo Credit: WREG-TV)\n

Officials at Lucy Elementary School in Memphis, Tenn., have reversed course after a teacher banned a 10-year-old student from writing about God for a class assignment.

The school decided to accept and grade Erin Shead's work after her mother, Erica, spoke out to media and after the Liberty Institute, a conservative legal group, got involved, WREG-TV reported.

Erin received a 100 percent on her work.

The situation began last month when Erin and her classmates were asked to pick one idol to write about. When Erin picked God, her teacher sent her home with the completed assignment and told her to choose someone else. Erin then selected Michael Jackson, whom the teacher accepted.

A photo of Erin’s assignment about admiring God (Image source: WREG-TV)

Erica Shead was angry and began speaking out when she learned that her daughter's God-themed assignment wouldn't be accepted.

"I didn’t want any money. I strictly wanted Erin’s right to be able to express herself not to ever be taken away again," Shead said of the debate surrounding her daughter. "It was kind of like, wow, she can talk about Michael Jackson but she can’t talk about God."

In a previous report, TheBlaze reported that the teacher may have been confused about the separation of church and state in making her initial determination that the God assignment was not allowed.

Erica Shead previously told WREG that the teacher and school principal both apologized for what appeared to be a misunderstanding rooted in nervousness and confusion surrounding the issue.

"The children started talking and some didn’t believe in God and some did and they were talking about it,” Erica said last month. "[The teacher] did admit that she didn’t know how to handle that situation."

The mother said that it's important for Christians to be able to defend themselves, especially in light of cultural changes that have stripped faith from the public square.

"We understand that they’ve taken prayer out of schools but they cannot take God out of our children," she added.



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