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More Power to Her': Blaze Readers React to Athletic Mother of Three Under Fire for Posting 'What's Your Excuse?' Photo

"Just another snarky, in-your-face, smart-aleck remark."

Maria Kang and her three children

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about a fit mom accused of “fat shaming” after posting a photo of herself with her three young children, saying “What’s your excuse?” Some took offense to the photo while others believe Maria Kang is a good motivator.

maria kang Maria Kang and her three children 

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say:


I don't see the fat shaming either. Maria is in great shape, and when i was her age 20 years ago, i was thin, and worked out 30 minutes a day as well as chase little kids around, and this will definitely keep fat off.

I am in my mid 40s, and still thin, not as thin as i used to be, but thin enough for me, still work out, but it's harder as you get older, and just working out alone will not keep weight off, it becomes diet too...and most people will find this out, but good for her that she can achieve this and feel better about herself; she looks great, and if it makes her happy, more power to her. Great job Maria!


Agreed! I’m overweight and am not offended at all. I actually applaud her for taking care of herself. If I were an over sensitive wienie and was offended…too freakin’ bad. Maybe I need to do something about my fattiness! I’m big, but I’m NOT a big baby! I think she looks great!


I would answer Yes, it is a form of “Fat Shaming” if that means telling people to try harder and demonstrate the results of hard work (even if it might not be possible for everyone, some don’t have similar genes).

But I have to ask – what is the difference between her “what is your excuse” and the great Michelle O’s “Let’s Move” garbage approach to irradiate obesity? In the end are not both women stating that everyone can do it, and if you don’t it is your fault? Neither allows the idea of freedom that some people don’t like or want to look like that or don’t believe they want to do what is necessary. That isn’t an excuse – it is a decision. And they should be free to choose, including the ramifications of the choice – which might include higher health care costs, heart disease, diabetes, and natural human responses like labeling and name calling by people prone to such things. Instead we somehow think that we can legislate and indoctrinate people all into the same mold and outcome because the collective wants to determine what is right and wrong for everyone.

Freedom! “What’s your excuse?” No excuse, that just isn’t me. I don’t look like her because I’m a guy for one. I don’t insist my wife look like her because she isn’t her and I like all the things we prioritize higher than 40 hours of workouts a week. Just like your kindergartner will tell you – “Because I don’t want to.”


I think it would have been far wiser to say “I did it — you can too.” “What’s your excuse” implies if you don’t look like her you are lazy and I can tell you as someone who works out 1.5 hours in the gym 3 days a week, walks her dogs 3 miles 4 days a week, does ALL the yard work, eats healthy, and is still a size 12, not everyone who doesn’t look like her is lazy. But personally, she doesn’t bother me, because I have more important things to do than worry about my self-image. My husband of 17 years really likes what he sees and that’s all that counts.


With all the crap going on in the world, people take the easy way out, and attack a woman who I am sure only intended to inspire other new moms. Pregnancy weight is a real pain in the butt to lose, I’m proud of her and her message, being an expectant mom is no excuse to turn into a fatty. Speaking from experience, if you allow that fat to happen, you will deal with it forever if you don’t get off your rear and DO something about it.


I’m thin and healthy and she puts me to shame as well. I can only imagine how fat and/or ugly people feel (about her and about life in general).


What is really different from “What’s your Excuse?” to “Let’s Move”? All the First Lady is doing is fat shaming. Not woman but fat shaming children. Schools are doing that when they send letters saying your kid is overweight or at risk of being overweight. Drink more water, eat organic food, etc. are all fat shaming to get people to lose weight. What is your excuse for not trying to better yourself, physically and mentally.


I was OBESE. All of my doctors said “You really need to lose weight.” I said I know, and did nothing. Then I was having chest pain, and the cardiologist said, ”I know what your problem is; it’s that gut. It’s HUGE. Do you EVER exercise?” When I told him I ride my bicycle, he said, ”Yeah. I see guys like you drop dead every day!”

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months.

Sometimes we need a little “FAT SHAMING” because we are acting stupidly, and not in our own self interest.

One of the best doctors I have.


She seems to be a tad…arrogant? No, that’s not the right word. Self satisfied? maybe. But it’s not “fat shaming.” I am not sure she is someone I would like to know, despite her virtues (self control, self motivation, etc.) simply because she has a touch of the fanaticism of the convert. But since I don’t have to friend her on Facebook or deal with her on real life, then what the heck. As a fat person, I applaud her accomplishments. Just don’t insist I have to march to her, or anyone else’s, drum.


I’m a 36 yr old mother of four, and about 18 months ago, when my youngest was 4 months old, I got tired of being unhappy with my appearance. I made a commitment to myself to change things, and started running. It was difficult at first but as time went on I reached my goal of running 5k’s in under 30 minutes. My results inspired my husband to get fit, and he and I did the Beach Body Insanity workouts together. It was grueling and difficult, but we did it, and we saw results. Now I’m a pretty fit mother of 4, and I’ve had several women tell me I have good genes and they could never get the results that I have gotten because they just don’t have my genes. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. Don’t tell me it’s just my genes. I WORKED for this. I worked pretty darn hard for it, too. Saying the results are due to my genes takes the credit away from me and my hard work. Anyone accusing Maria Kang of trying to shame other women needs to stop making excuses, take a good look at themselves, and decide how they want to live. Your life is a result of the choices you make, both good and bad. You can be a victim or you can be in charge of your own reality.


I�'m reminded of a commercial that Kelly LeBrock did in the 1980s where she said, �"Don'�t hate me because I'�m beautiful."� At the time, some may have thought it an arrogant statement, but the fact is she was right. This post inspires, not depresses. You don�t HAVE to be as fit as this woman to still be comfortable in your own skin, but resenting someone else for their success means that you really aren'�t comfortable in your own skin. Maybe the chip on your shoulder is a indication that you have the problem. Why resent people willing to go the distance for worthy goals?


I cringe when people who are morbidly obese tell themselves and others that they are healthy or have a list of reasons that completely prevent themselves from making any change whatsoever. At the same time, fat shaming can easily turn into bullying and cruelty. Pointing out the truth of something doesn’t give license to be a jerk. It’s important to use your brain and decide when this is occurring. I see this woman as a motivating inspiration as opposed to trying to bully fat people.

I am a former morbidly obese man. I once weighed 315 lbs and now weigh 160 lbs. I had to make some major changes in my life to make this happen. Am I ashamed of this? No. Do I tell others to make them feel bad about themselves? No. Do I hide the fact that I lost a lot of weight? No. Do I make sure everyone I talk to knows about my weight loss? No. Do I force my advice onto people and try to make them feel bad? No. Do I hope that I can serve as an inspiration to others and help others with their weight loss? Yes.

Once we use common sense, empathy, and critical thinking, we will all be much happier, healthier, and kinder.


You knuckleheads need some glasses. Nothing wrong with being in good shape, but IMO she’s too skinny. No hips, tiny breasts. She’s cute enough but I’m looking past the physique and squarely at the ‘What’s your excuse’ statement. Just another snarky, in-your-face, smart-aleck remark. It was meant to provoke a response, and now she has a problem with that?

Your words baby, choke on ‘em.

Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. I’ve met at least a dozen women just like her.


concerned for freedom

So now we can’t celebrate someone when they look good because it might hurt someone’s feelings. That is total BS!

I’m sitting here eating a salad after working on my recumbent bike AND going for a brisk walk. I lost 45 pounds over two years ago and have gained most of it back as a result of stress. No more! I am going to get back to working out even if its only in my own home. My goal is to get to running every day. I know I won’t ever look like her but I can look better and I’m going to. And I’m going to share this on my wall.

Good job Maria! You do look great.


I know Maria personally, and to call her a “bully” is 180 degrees off. Never met a more humble and polite person. She got her physique through hard work and determination. And anyone who calls this ad “fat-shaming” is doing so because they are ashamed that they are fat. I know hundreds of other women who look at ads like this and feel motivated, not shamed. Maria was going for motivation for those looking for the spark to get themselves in shape. Those who aren’t upset with their own bodies just breeze past photos like this one and never pay it any attention.

The ones complaining are like Occupy Wall Street crowd – mad as hornets at rich people, but wouldn’t say a word if they themselves won the lottery. They should worry about their own business.



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