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Ted Cruz: 'Defund Plan Produced Tangible Results


"Immediate and long-term benefits for the country and the conservative cause."

Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks at a rally at the World War II Memorial in Washington Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013, as Senate leaders have taken the helm in the search for a deal to end the partial government shutdown and avert a federal default. The rally was organized to protest the closure of the Memorial, subsequent to the shutdown, and lack of access to it by World War II veterans who traveled there on Honor Flight visits. Credit: AP

Sen. Ted Cruz's office has issued a memo to supporters vowing that the battle to defund Obamacare isn't over and calling it the first tangible step to unifying conservatives.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) walk to a meeting ahead of a Senate vote on a measure to avert a threatened Treasury default and reopen the government after a 16-day partial shutdown, Oct. 16, 2013. (AP)

The memo, obtained by TheBlaze, was circulated widely Tuesday among supporters who worked to defund Obama's signature health care law, a senior Cruz staffer said.

The "defund plan produced tangible results that create both immediate and long-term benefits for the country and the conservative cause," the memo states.

"First, it intensified the nation’s focus on Obamacare. Second, it energized Americans by showing there are people in Washington willing to take real action to stop Obamacare. Third, it exposed, for all to see, the Democrats’ refusal to compromise out of blind devotion to their extreme liberal agenda," it states.

The memo, titled "The Fight To Defund Obamacare, What We've Gained," says the battle against the law proved that Republicans need "to unite and stand firm together in their resolve to defeat Obamacare."

The memo also takes aim at Democrats, the media and others who bashed Cruz for attacking the D.C. establishment, saying, "it was Harry Reid & President Obama, not Senator Cruz & the House Republicans who forced a government shutdown.”

“President Obama is responsible for shutting down the government because he refused to negotiate with the House of Representatives to keep the government open,” the memo states. “President Obama issued 15 veto threats to bills the House of Representatives passed, with significant bipartisan support, to re-open the government and fund vital government services, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the national parks.”



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