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Twerk-Loose!': Maryland High School Demands Students Sign 'No Twerking' Contracts


The manner of dancing will be appropriate for a school function. Sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated.

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Students at Annapolis High School can probably thank Miley Cyrus for the next contract they must sign before they will be allowed to attend any school dances. The strict new policy from the school is meant to crack down on provocative dance moves like pelvic grinding and "twerking."

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The high school's Homecoming dance is happening this weekend. However, unless a student and at least one parent have signed the "no twerking" contract, they won't be allowed inside the dance. CBS 13 in Baltimore spoke with Bob Mosier, the superintendent for the Ann Arundel County Public Schools. Mosier told CBS, “Dances have become more provocative in recent years, and we’ve had some issues at schools, frankly.”

Apparently, dance contracts are nothing new at this and other high schools in the county, but these new and very specific restrictions are. What is specifically not permitted? From the school's actual "Student Dance Contract" downloaded from the Annapolis High School website:

Expected Student Behaviors:

  • Students are expected to demonstrate good character, maintain high community standards, and follow all school rules.
  • The manner of dancing will be appropriate for a school function. Sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated. Sexually explicit dancing is defined as the following:

    • Grinding or any other dancing that can be constructed as vulgar or provocative.
    • Intimate touching of the breasts, buttocks, or genitals, or that simulate sexual activity.
    • Buttocks touching a partner or in the air.
    • Making out (prolonged public displays of affection)

The contract also includes some stipulations on attire.

Dress Code:

  • Clothing must remain intact and in its proper place
  • No attire is to be altered once students are admitted into the dance.
  • Dresses that expose excessive amounts of skin, including the midriff, chest or legs above the knees, are not acceptable.
  • Dresses should be semiformal in nature.
  • Gentlemen should be dressed in semiformal attire.

Once a student and parent sign that "dance contract" they will be allowed to attend dances, but it doesn't end there. The school has also alerted students that teachers and chaperones will monitor the students during the Homecoming dance. If you violate the contract, you will be removed from the dance. Of course, the consequences are laid out in the contract too.


  • Students violating the AHS dance contract will be removed from the dance.
  • A student’s parents will be called and expected to pick up their student immediately if the student violates the contract.
  • No refunds will be given if a student is directed to leave before the end of the dance.

Most parents who spoke to CBS approved of the restrictions. However, some question whether the teachers can really police the activities of all the students during a big dance.

Watch the local television report on the "No Twerking" contracts.

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(H/T: CBS TV-13 in Baltimore )

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