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Famed Actor and Musician Lambastes Obamacare Rollout as an 'Embarrassment to the American People


"How many more promises have to be broken?"

Actor turned musician Frankie Muniz isn't impressed with the Obama administration's health care rollout -- and he's letting the world know exactly how he feels.

The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star and drummer for the band Kingsfoil took to his Twitter account on Friday to give a candid assessment of Obamacare thus far.

"This Obamacare launch is an embarrassment to the American people. How many more promises have to be broken?" Muniz wrote.

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On Oct. 22, the performer also re-tweeted (shared) "The Tonight Show" host Jay Leno's recent quip about problems associated with the rollout.

Leno tweeted, "Trouble accessing ? Obama says to enroll by mail. Only our government could develop a website that's slower than mail!"

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This isn't the first time that Muniz has aired his political views.

In June, he tweeted his frustration with Obama’s choice to make Susan Rice his new national security adviser. After voicing his angst and surprise, Muniz appealed to the public to “wake up.”

“Really? Susan Rice? National Security Adviser? Really? ,” he wrote. “Another #ObamaFail. Wake up people.”

Muniz's most recent tweet comes as the Obama administration announced that glitches with the website will be resolved by the end of next month.

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