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Child Support, a Baseball Bat, and Boiling Alfredo Sauce: The Diner Rampage That Landed Three Women in Jail


Three Pennsylvania women are facing charges for a rampage that allegedly involved boiling Alfredo sauce, an aluminum baseball bat, and seven injured people.

Law enforcement officials said Tori Thomas entered Cee Tee’s Diner in Canton, Pa., at around 2 p.m. Friday looking for a man named Andrew Herron who reportedly owed her child support.

Herron told Thomas he would not pay, prompting Thomas to storm out of the diner. Police did not say whether Herron worked at the diner.

Thomas returned about 30 minutes later accompanied by Summer Thomas and Amanda Terry.

That’s when things got out of hand, officials said.

Left to right: Amanda Terry, Tori Thomas, and Summer Thomas (image source:

Tori Thomas reportedly attacked the diner staff with an aluminum baseball bat, landing at least a few blows, until she was eventually subdued by an employee.

However, that employee was soon attacked by Summer Thomas and Amanda Terry.

After Tori Thomas dropped the baseball bat, she picked up a container of boiling Alfredo sauce and threw it at one Carla Smith, police said.

Smith had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for burns to her head, face, neck, arms and hands, reports.

Terry and both Thomases were later arrested and jailed on an aggravated assault charge and other counts.

Court papers did not list lawyers for the women:

Tori Thomas was given $25,000 bond; and Summer Thomas and Terry were given $10,000 bonds each, according to

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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