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Here Are the 8 Must See Videos From the New 'BaneDad' Vine Account



Do you remember "BatDad," the father who created a popular series of videos impersonating superhero Batman around his house?

Well, his arch-nemesis has arrived. Meet "BaneDad."

New York City based comedian, Anthony Apruzzese has created the Vine account as a direct response to the "BatDad," reports Mashable.

TheBlaze has compiled a list of the best videos:


"I'm here to fulfill this bathroom's destiny"

"Soap will make you weak"

"You betrayed me"

"Don't look both ways if you want to be in the League of Shadows"

"I was born in [the dark]"

"You text your girlfriend like a young man"

"Hello Paul's girlfriend!"

(H/T: Mashable)


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