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This Couple’s Halloween Costumes Are So Realistic You’ll Think You Were a Kid Again


"It was completely fun and everyone loved it..."

Halloween is almost here and people across the country are really stepping up their costume game.

Sure, there are plenty of fresh and original costumes ideas out there, but one San Francisco couple is giving everyone a run for their money.

"(Girlfriend) and I decided to be homemade army men for Halloween this year," Reddit user britishracinggreen posted online. "Bazooka Girl and Telephone guy. Her bazooka was made out of simple sewer pipe, and my telephone was made from a recycled Clarisonic box I found in the trash. Here we are waiting on the train platform before we head into the city."

Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur

The bases they’re posing on are made out of spray-painted cardboard, which they simply carried around with them all night. And speaking of spray paint, there was a lot involved in the costume preparation.

Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur

"For my suit alone it was about eight cans of primer, and then maybe six cans of green," britishracinggreen said on a Reddit thread. "Problem is the paint will be soaked up by the fabric that you need time and many many coats with separate primer dying overnight, etc. My suit needed more than double of the paint cans you have so it might be a real challenge with only six cans."

Image source: Imgur

As a result, the Reddit user said, their costumes became "stiff as a board" from all the paint.

"(I)t was hilarious trying to get our shoes on,” he wrote. “I didn't realize until the end of the night that my arms were totally cut up on the inside from bending my arm. Ouch! And taking a pee? A military-grade challenge for sure."

And how were their costumes received by their fellow San Francisco residents? People loved it.

“We posed for a bunch of people, in front of the train, inside the train, on (the San Francisco Municipal Railway), as the … train rolled in, etc. It was completely fun and everyone loved it when we would strike a pose,” he wrote. “It was fun chatting it up with people from all over.”

Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur

Even “transit workers asked … (to) pose for a pic,” he added, “and toward the end of the night (San Francisco Police Department) officers in a cop car stopped and asked us to do the same. True story!”

And here are some pictures of the couple prepping their costumes:

"My highly detailed telephone box." (Image source: Imgur)

"Priming the telephone box" (Image source: Imgur)

"All the gear primed and ready for paint" (Image source: Imgur)

"Flat white primer SOLD OUT at Home Depot." (Image source: Imgur)

"Initial primer coat on my suit." (Image source: Imgur)

"Final primer base at the top half of the suit." (Image source: Imgur)

"Using face makeup to match the paint." (Image source: Imgur)


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