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Your Eyes Aren't Fooling You: This Really Is a Poster for an Upcoming Movie Featuring Lawrence O'Donnell and Glenn Beck


"I’m friends with Glenn Beck. I’m friends with Lawrence O’Donnell. I don’t believe anyone else in the world can claim both of these things."

Both Glenn Beck and MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell have tentatively agreed to appear and act in Penn Jillette's upcoming horror movie, "Director's Cut."

But it gets better.

Not only will they act in the film, the two TV personalities will play police officers – who happen to be partners. That's right. Beck and O'Donnell, partners.

Jillette, who is a multi-talented magician, comedian, author, actor and atheist provocateur, made the big announcement on MSNBC's "Last Word" on Tuesday, seemingly surprising even O'Donnell himself.

They also made this funny promo video for the movie:

Here's the announcement Jillette posted on his FundAnything page, which is helping him raise money independently for his new movie:

I’m friends with Glenn Beck. I’m friends with Lawrence O’Donnell. I don’t believe anyone else in the world can claim both of these things. And I disagree with both of them, almost as much as they disagree with each other. Glenn and Lawrence teamed up to do a “Make Penn Bad” video. It’s the first time, to my knowledge they have ever appeared together. Keep checking back here, because it’ll be up soon. No matter which one of them you hate, you’ll love this video.

But, even more important – I have gotten a tentative okay from BOTH Glenn and Lawrence to be in “Director’s Cut.” They have both agreed to appear AND ACT in “Director’s Cut.” Yeah, you’ve seen them in movies before, but it’s always playing themselves or generic newscasters. In our movie (and we’re all making this together), they will be playing police officers discussing their “good cop/bad cop” strategy. Lawrence and Glenn have never met before but they will meet in person on the set of “Director’s Cut.”

Some people who have contributed to the movie will be on the “Director’s Cut” set that day. There are crowd-funded extras in their scene. Some of our fellow filmmakers will witness in person this historic step towards world peace.

Y’all making me really bad . . . is helping to bring enemies together!

Glenn and Lawrence, O’Donnell and Beck – the ultimate cop/buddy team, and you’re making it happen.


So far, Jillette has raised $858,977 towards his goal of $999,972 for "Director's Cut." He decided to ditch Hollywood because he says they didn't want him to make "this" movie.

Source: Penn Jillette's FundAnything page

"'Director’s Cut' is a crazy idea for a movie. It’s different than anything you’ve seen before. It’s scary, funny, and very meta. I like movies that are scary, but I don’t want them to be dirt dumb," Jillette writes on his FundAnything website. "I want a movie that gets my blood racing, makes me laugh, but also gives me something to think about, with maybe a little sexy thrown in. Hollywood doesn’t make movies like that."

All the Hollywood execs who read "Director's Cut" said they "loved" the movie, "but they thought it was too smart for you," he continues.

Jillette describes the movie as a "darkly comedic thriller with a twist" and a "suspense movie within a suspense movie." More on the plot:

It's about an older FBI agent and his gorgeous new partner working on a serial killer case where the murderer is mimicking well known killings of famous serial killers of the past.  The movie has a great cast and as it plays out we hear the director’s constant commentary as VO over the scenes. He shares tidbits about the making of the movie and stories about working with the actors. Especially the leading lady. In fact, the director seems strangely focused on his starlet. Fixated beyond what one might expect from a professional film director. It’s creepy. As the film continues to unfold we slowly start to realize that this voice is not the film's actual director at all, but that of an obsessed fan who thinks he’s the director. He's actually a psycho who is stalking and terrorizing the lead actress.

And to sweeten the deal and get his fans excited about contributing to the creation of the film, he's offering all kinds of rewards, ranging from $10 for exclusive access to the "Director's Cut" website to $25,000 to become an executive producer for the movie. There are also other cool prizes like $1,950 to spend a day in Las Vegas with Jillette and $2,650 to appear as a "corpse" in the movie.

Find out more about "Director's Cut," Jillette's fundraising efforts and check out all the celebrity support he has received here.

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