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Does George Washington's ghost haunt Mt. Vernon?


The historic Mt. Vernon estate website today features "Great George's Ghost" and stories people have told about seeing the Founding Father since his death.

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One of those people was Josiah Quincy III, a "prominent Massachusetts politician" who visited Washington's nephew at Mt. Vernon in 1806:

Upon Quincy III’s arrival at Mount Vernon, Bushrod Washington assigned his guest to the Washington’s bedchamber, “the chamber in which his uncle had died.” For dramatic effect, Quincy, Jr. explained that “Judge Washington. . .as he withdrew,” mentioned “the rumor that an interview with Washington had been granted to some of its [the Washington bedchamber] former occupants.” Upon hearing the news from Bushrod, Quincy’s father “pondered upon the possibility that he might be found worthy to behold the glorified spirit of him who was so revered by his countrymen.” It seems that even George Washington’s ghost was revered by Americans.

The warning proved to be prophetic, according to Quincy, Jr., explaining that “during the night” his father “did see Washington.” However, Quincy, Jr., qualifies that “this is all I have to say about it” because if he gave more details, he would have to consult an “expert in cerebral illusions.”  Despite the younger Quincy’s hesitation to give more details, he assured readers that his father’s “assurance in this matter was perfect,” and that his father “believed that brain action. . .was at times set up in us by friends no longer in the flesh, and that his own life had been guided by these mysterious influences.”

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