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Post-it for the New York Times: You only get to say 'so what?' once before it's weird

Credit: New York Times

After the irreverent Gawker news site published a story outing the same-sex relationship of a Fox News anchor, New York Times columnist David Carr wrote a column that basically said, "And?"

Gay public figures and celebrities, Carr argued, aren't that interesting anymore. "The culture has moved on," he wrote.

Fair point. The Gawker story didn't really gain any traction on other news sites. And many tweets that linked to the story included comments similar to Carr's.

Time to move on.

Except the Times on Thursday published another piece about the Gawker story. "How Outing Lost Its Power to Shock," reads the headline. It's a near-identical story to Carr's column.

Thus, we feel it is our obligation to tell the Times: You get to say "so what?" one time. After that, people start to think you really do care.


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