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Kick His A**! Stomp Him!': You Might Be Shocked by Who Encouraged These Little Kids to Brawl in Disturbing Video


"It's really sad that you would have an adult that should know better that would promote such activity among children."

Image source: KARK-TV

The merciless voices encourage the pair of combatants, one of them shirtless: "Kick his a**!" "Stomp him! Stomp him!" "He gon' break his neck!"

It's the kind of audience reaction you might expect to hear in the cheap seats of an MMA cage match — but the venue for this brawl is a patch of grass in a neighborhood, and the fighters aren't giant warriors but two young children, possibly toddlers, egged on by what sound like adult voices.

Image source: KARK-TV

The voices in the video also yell racial slurs and crying is heard, according to KLRT-TV in Little Rock, Ark. One fighter is seen attempting to flee, but believe it or not, someone bigger and older brings the child back while voices call out for another child to resume the beating.

Image source: KARK-TV

Professor and sociologist Terry Richard of the University of Arkansas Little Rock watched and listened closely to the video, and told KARK-TV that some communities view fights of this nature as a way to toughen up youngsters.

Instead, Richard said it leads to damage down road when kids "are beating up individuals and assaulting individuals and they think this is right."

The incident was captured on cell phone video and posted to Facebook but soon removed. A tipster sent the clip to KLRT, which passed it on to police and the Department of Human Services.

Police are trying to determine if the video was recorded in Little Rock and have shared it with juvenile detectives, KLRT reported, while DHS called the child abuse hotline.

"You can see some of the objects around in the neighborhood, the recycle bin, the front of vehicles and things of that nature, nothing really to determine exactly where this occurred," Sgt. Cassandra Davis of the Little Rock Police Department said. "It's really sad that you would have an adult that should know better that would promote such activity among children."

Davis did not immediately return a request for comment from TheBlaze Friday about an update on the investigation.

In this screenshot, two much larger people are seen in the background watching the fight. (Image source: KARK-TV)

"It hurts so much to look at this and know there is nothing we can do without information," Kate Luck, a DHS spokesperson, told KLRT.

"Encouraging another child to hurt someone, it's not acceptable at all," Luck added to KARK. "It's something we would want to look at the home make sure kids are safe and being treated well, that they're happy."

Here's a report from KARK:

Here's a report from KLRT:

Here's raw video of the fight via KLRT:



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