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South Park' tackles disastrous Obamacare rollout


On Wednesday night, Comedy Central's "South Park" delivered its latest blistering animated political commentary, this time tackling on the botched rollout of Obamacare's

At South Park Elementary, counselor Mr. Mackey has outfitted the school with a new "simple, integrated portal" called "Intellilink." The new software system is designed to streamline communication within the school system, but faculty and administrators aren't happy with the change. The upgrade has cost the school district thousands of dollars and has been "an unmitigated disaster," the staff complains to Mackey.

The problem isn't the software, Mackey insists. Instead, the real problem is that more people need to use the Intellilink system. To shift blame away from himself, Obama Mackey brings in Kathleen Sebelius Pat Connors, a new faculty member "whose sole responsibility will be to oversee the Intellilink system and make sure it runs smoothly."

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