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You May Never Want to Say the Words 'I Can't' Again After Witnessing This Paralyzed Woman's Incredible Determination


"Cynthia, you are alive!"

Image source: YouTube

A video uploaded Tuesday to YouTube begins with a woman saying, "I’m Cynthia and I was in Chicago, Illinois, and I was paralyzed from the neck down."

"I didn’t know if I could walk again," the video’s narrator, Cynthia, adds.

Cynthia (image source: YouTube)

Determined to walk again, Cynthia, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, started physical therapy. However, it wasn’t long before the bills became too great for her and her husband, Zak, to bear.

Image source: YouTube

Cynthia turned to the Internet for an affordable alternative to therapy; something to help her achieve her longtime dream. It wasn’t long before she came across a video of a woman named Karen who, after 100 days of practice, taught herself how to dance.

Inspired, Cynthia decided that she, too, would practice until she achieved her goal of walking again. She created a profile on Give it 100, a website where people choose "what (they) want to get better at and share a video of (their) progress every day," and started uploading daily videos of herself practicing and exercising.

The hard work has been paying off.

Image source: YouTube

Cynthia is now on day 69 of her 100-day challenge and has come a very long way; she no longer need walls to support her while she walks.

“It did just early on occur to me, ‘Cynthia, you are alive! So you’re going to have to live and you should try to live a life worth living,” she said in the video uploaded Tuesday to YouTube.

Image source: Give It 100

You can see Cynthia's inspiring story here:


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