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30 squats will get you a free ride on Moscow's subway


Although I don't generally appreciate societal reminders that I should get to the gym, I have to give the Russians credit for creativity here.  This is truly a unique idea and fortunately for me, I'm much more cheap than I am lazy.

A special vending machine has been installed at Vystavochaya station in the west of the Russian capital which offers travelers tickets for free rides – so long as they perform 30 squats first. Oh, and just to ensure your heart rate shifts into at least second gear, the task has to be completed within two minutes.

Of course, for those keen to avoid turning up at work stinking of sweat, cash payments (30 rubles/$0.93 for a single journey) continue to be accepted.

The special machine is part of a wider campaign being run by Russia’s Olympic Committee to promote next year’s Winter Games in Sochi and to encourage people to “add elements of sport into daily life.”


Nice try, Russia... but as the internet was quick to point out, America is still the best.

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