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Adorable Viral Video: 'Lexi the Rescue' Dog Trusts Her Owner So Much, She Will Jump Into His Arms From ANY Height


"How beautiful the trust he has for you."


A YouTube video showcasing a rescue dog's amazing balancing acts has gone viral -- but some viewers are even more in awe of the stunning amount of trust the once troubled animal has in her owner.

Lexi, a rescue Border Collie-Labrador mix, was adopted by her loving owner, Katerina Jansen, about four years ago. The dog was severely underweight and had some behavioral issues before being adopted. It's a true testament as to what a little love and care can do for a dog.

Not only has Jansen trained Lexi to be a wall-climbing, pole-balancing, leaping trick dog, she also happily jumps into both of her owners' arms from any height -- without hesitation. Lexi's other owner is seemingly featured in the now-viral YouTube video. His relationship to Jansen wasn't immediately clear.

One YouTube user called the display of trust "beautiful."



"She loves to balance on anything and loves to jump into her owner's arms from the ground or high up," Jansen told Storyful.

Watch the viral video below:

(H/T: HuffPost)


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