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Joan Walsh thinks there's something wrong with Dick Cheney's post-heart transplant feelings


Interesting theory on former Vice President Dick Cheney, who recently said he doesn't spend much time thinking about the donor for his heart transplant, brought to us by Salon's Joan Walsh:

 It’s certainly not compulsory to find out about the person who died so that you could live – who gave what Cheney called “the gift of life itself.” There may be valid psychological reasons not to. I don’t judge that decision. But I can’t get over the coldness required to express complete indifference to knowing about that person, and their family’s suffering.

Or could it be compassion? For a lot of people, the tragedy of a family member dying would be compounded, not lessened, by learning that their heart went to Cheney. Nah...

Watch Cheney talk about his donor in his  interview with Larry King, wherein Cheney actually seems thoughtful about the situation. Not so much indifferent.

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