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I'm Not Going to Be Pushed Around Anymore': Hot Dog Restaurant Owner Ordered to Remove Patriotic Flags May Yet Emerge Victorious


"I've had enough of it. I'm tired of being pushed around for supporting our local men and women..."

(Image source: Fox News via YouTube)

CJ's Hot Dogs in McDonough, Ga. adds a little extra flavor to the restaurant, and it's nowhere to be found on the menu.

You see, co-owner Darren Miller — a retired firefighter whose father served in Vietnam — dedicates the very look of his establishment to police, fire and military. As such the walls of CJ's are filled with patches from men and women who've served America and its communities.

(Image source: Fox News via YouTube)

All well and good for inside his restaurant...but Miller three months ago raised flags for country, state, and every branch of the military above his restaurant.

(Image source: Fox News via YouTube)

Well, that earned him a little note from the city, which is about a half hour south of Atlanta, WAGA-TV in Atlanta reported.

Miller was cited Friday for code violations, he told WAGA, and was ordered to take the flags down.

"I'm just floored," Miller told WAGA. "And I called the guy and asked what they're for. And he said I'm in violation with my flags flying above my restaurant."

The flags may not be sitting too well with the city of McDonough, but the city wasn't sitting too well with veterans who found out about the citation and raised a little ire, to say nothing of Miller's disgust.

"I've had enough of it," Miller told WAGA. "I'm tired of being pushed around for supporting our local men and women and I'm not going to be pushed around anymore."

(Image source: Fox News via YouTube)

Turns out the city administrator is now telling Miller that the ordinance classifying the flags as signs is too vague and needs a rewrite, WAGA reported, and that he's asking that the citation be thrown out.

Here's a report from Fox News via YouTube:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)



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