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Kathie Lee Gifford's Candid Glenn Beck Admission On Air: 'I Wish People Could Know Him the Way That I Do


"I wish people could know (Beck) the way I do."

"Today" host Kathie Lee Gifford recently sat down with Glenn Beck to discuss his career, his new book, "Miracles and Massacres" and what he would change about himself if given the chance. During the segment, Gifford candidly told her co-host Hoda Kotb that she wishes people would have the opportunity to get to know Beck personally as she has.

"I wish people could know him the way I do," Gifford said. "I think it would change a lot of peoples' opinions."

During the interview, Gifford specifically asked Beck, "If there was one thing you could change right now about yourself what would it be?"

After briefly considering the inquiry, the radio and television host responded that he would like more clarity, patience and empathy.

"If you can have empathy and discernment, the world would be … a much better place," Beck said in the interview, which aired Tuesday.

Following this question, Gifford asked Beck why he believes some people try to demonize him.

"I don't know. I don't really care," he said, noting that he doesn't worry about it anymore. "Thomas Jefferson said, 'If it neither picks my pocket or breaks my leg, what difference does it make to me?'"

Watch the interview below:

Much of the exchange also focused on the central message in Beck's "Miracles and Massacres," a book that promises a "true and thrilling" look at American history.

"This started when I was with my daughters when they were very, very young and I'd pick them up from school and I'd say, 'What did you learn today' -- and I realized that they were just memorizing dates and names," Beck told Gifford. "That's horrible. These are the greatest stories ever told. … With 'Miracles and Massacres' we have tried to tell the story. We're trying to connect you to amazing pieces of history."

Beck said he hopes the book shows people that American history isn't what most people thin it is and that "our miracles come from the individuals -- and our massacres come from the collective that wants power."



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