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Why This Former GOP Senator Wants Obama Ousted from Office and Thinks Biden Would Do a 'Much Better' Job


“The president would do us all a great favor to resign from office and leave it to the vice president who would surely do a much better job.”

On Tuesday, former Republican Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire told a crowd that the "NSA has more power than the KGB and the Gestapo ever dreamed of,” and that America is “at the doorstep of tyranny.”

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, left, waves after a meeting at the presidential palace in Panama City, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013. Biden has arrived in Panama for an economic mission that will include touring the Panama Canal expansion project. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco) AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco

Humphrey was among several speakers at the “Reclaim America Now Coalition Rally” held in Lafayette Park Tuesday across the street from the White House – that included a former ambassador to the United Nations, a retired Admiral and an Arizona sheriff, while Pat Boone sang the National Anthem. The event, sponsored by Freedom Watch, focused on a non-violent “second American revolution.”

The various speakers called out Obama for the National Security Agency domestic spying, the Internal Revenue Service targeting of tea party groups, and the Benghazi coverup.

Humphrey, who served in the Senate from 1979 to 1990, was cheered for most of his remarks, but got a mixed reaction when he said, “The president would do us all a great favor to resign from office and leave it to the vice president who would surely do a much better job.”

After his speech, he told TheBlaze he was sincere regarding his comment on the vice president.

“I know Joe Biden when he was a senator the same time I was,” Humphrey said. “While he and I don't agree on anything except maybe the weather maybe, I respect him. He knows government. He's very forthright, and tells the truth. This president doesn't. I'm just saying this president has disgraced himself and should resign. And the vice president is perfectly capable of stepping up.”

His reasons for seeing Obama go regarded executive actions.

“It would be strictly constitutional terms, the actions that the president has taken to change provisions of the health care act, by presidential decree, clearly in violation of the constitution,” Humphrey told TheBlaze. “There are solid examples of abuse of power and violation of the Constitution. Beyond that, the president has failed vey badly to discharge the responsibilities of his office. The IRS scandal and the NSA scandal lies squarely at his feet. The president has just failed miserably to discharge the duties of his office and to defend the Constitution.”

Humphrey, however, said he didn't believe there was any chance of the House taking up an impeachment inquiry.

Not so for former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, who spearheaded the impeachment of Bill Clinton in a November 1997 rally. He was calling for Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry for President Barack Obama.

“In 1997, many folks said it would never happen,” Barr, a Georgia Republican, told TheBlaze. “A little more than a year later, there was an impeachment.”

Barr didn't know what the specific charges would be at this time, but he believes the problems and broken promises about the health care law

“The debacle of Obamacare has awakened a huge number of Americans,” Barr said in an interview after his remarks.

About 150 people gathered in LaFayette Park, many carrying signs such as “Constitution. Read it to Know What's In It,” and “Wake Up America and Smell the Tyranny.”

Barr lost his Georgia U.S. House seat in a 2002 Republican primary, but is running for Congress again in 2014.

During his remarks at the rally, Barr, the 2008 Libertarian Party nominee for president, jokingly talked about the reason President Ronald Reagan picked him to the a U.S. Attorney for Georgia.

“One of the reasons I suspect President Reagan chose me aside from my warm and soft personality, my good looks, is the fact that I know a scoundrel when I see one and I've dealt with scoundrels as U.S. attorney,” Barr said. “When I had the honor of serving as the congressman from Georgia's Seventh District, I met up with another scoundrel. He lived over there. I know a scoundrel when I see one, and folks, we have a scoundrel living in that building right now and we need to do something about it.

Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and founder of conservative government watchdog group Freedom Watch, advocates the ouster of Obama, but he also believed there is a bigger problem with Washington, and the deep connection of lawmakers and lobbyists.

“Democrats and Republicans, it's like the National Football League, the American League and the National League,” Klayman, who organized the event, said. “They just wear different uniforms. But at every minute of every day, they spend 80 percent of their time on fundraising, not representing we the people.”

Klayman founded Judicial Watch, a well-known conservative government watchdog group, in the 1990s, investigating corruption in the Clinton administration. He believed the NSA scandal was the largest problem, and even praised leaker Edward Snowden.

“Richard Nixon was in the process of being impeached. He had to resign or he would have been impeached,” Klayman said. “What was Nixon impeached for? He was impeached for breaking into Watergate. Well the occupant of this White House, Barack Hussein Obama, has used his National Security Agency to break into over 300 million homes.”


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