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Heartbreaking Video Said to Show Dog Taking Some of His Final Breaths After Man Beat Him With Metal Baseball Bat
This photo shows Duke the Dog just moments before he took his final breathe. (Image source: KTV

Heartbreaking Video Said to Show Dog Taking Some of His Final Breaths After Man Beat Him With Metal Baseball Bat

"It's okay. Lay down sweetie."

Editor's note: This story contains video that may be disturbing for some.

A video uploaded online Tuesday purportedly shows some of the final breaths a Michigan dog took after being severely beaten by a man with a metal baseball bat.

White Lake resident Linda Lorenzen told KTVI-TV that her dog, Duke, jumped her home's fence, entered the neighbors yard and ended up in an altercation with another dog. That's when she says the neighbor's friend — armed with a baseball bat — intervened, striking Duke with the bat after claiming the German Shepard bit him.

Duke the dog died Tuesday after being beat with a metal baseball bat. (Image source: Facebook)

But Lorenzen thinks the unidentified man went too far and says he struck the dog with the metal bat at least 25 times after the fight had concluded and Duke was unconscience.

"By the time I got out there the dog was laying on the ground. So at that point he should have just went in his house, but he didn't," she told KTVI-TV. "He continued to beat my dog to within inches of his life."

"I was crying and begging him, 'please stop,' because I could have walked over and pulled him away," she continued. "But he wouldn't stop beating him so I'm not going to go over there and pull my dog away because this man's beating - he has a baseball bat, a metal baseball bat."

According to the family, the two dogs had been aggressive with each other before, but they had always been able to separate them before without the use of such violence.

The video uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday and listed as public is said to show the aftermath and what appears to be Lorenzen comforting him in his final moments

"Please take caution with this video as it shows the last moments of my dogs life, his whole head was swollen and his body was broken," part of the video's caption said.

"It's okay. Lay down sweetie," the woman says. "It's okay, lay down baby. It's okay. It's okay. Lay down. It's okay."

The dog is clearly uncomfortable and appears to be struggling to breath, however when viewing closely it doesn't appear to show the actually moment the dog passes away:

Now Lorenzen is calling for justice, hoping the police department takes action.

"The dog wasn't even attacking him at that point. If he did even snap at him, or bite him, whatever, knock him out and get away. But don't beat and beat and beat on the dog," she said.

A "Justice for Duke" page has been set up on Facebook. (Image source: Facebook)

A "Justice for Duke" Facebook page has now been set up, claiming Duke was "murdered" by the man.

According to the Facebook page, no one has been charged with any crimes at the time of publication. KTVI-TV reported they attempted to talk to the neighbor, but were unsuccessful in their attempts.


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