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In The News: See what Andrew McCarthy has to say about the “5%”


Over at NRO, frequent Blaze contributor Andrew McCarthy argues that President Obama’s claim that only 5% of Americans are affected by his “misspeaking” on the “like your plan, keep your plan” pledge is “a 100 percent lie.”

In the National Post, Mark Steyn provides a brief overview of the lawsuits against him and his pal Ezra Levant. Steyn’s alleged crime: “defamation of a Nobel prize recipient.”

At The Federalist, David Pietrusza argues that Coolidge is back in style…or in style for the first time at least.

In CNSNews, Economist Walter Williams asks if Americans prefer deception to truth when it comes to taxes and the power of the state more broadly.

Lastly, in Human Events Pat Buchanan argues that the "mythologizing of JFK and demonization of Nixon tell us less about respective accomplishments than the moral character of an establishment, which, though it had lost America by ’72, still controlled the culture, media, bureaucracy and Congress."

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