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MSNBC Interviews 'Church Side' in Late-Term Abortion Segment -- But You Might Be Surprised by Her Point of View


"They don't want to hear about these kinds of issues in the homily, during mass, at their ministries."

(Image source: MSNBC via Newsbusters)

When MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts interviewed two women about the vote to ban most late-term abortions in Albuquerque, N.M. (which failed by a 55 to 45 percent margin Tuesday), the guests were indeed from two organizations.

First up was MSNBC contributor Irin Carmon, a visiting fellow at Yale Law's Program for the Study of Reproductive Justice and decidedly pro-abortion.

Irin Carmon at the Study of Reproductive Justice at Yale Law represented the pro-abortion argument during an MSNBC segment. (Image source: MSNBC via Newsbusters)

Carmon said “the anti-choice side has been organizing in the churches” and employing a “divide-and-conquer strategy.”

But representing what Roberts referred to as “the church side” in Tuesday's segment was Sara Hutchinson of...Catholics for Choice.

Image source: MSNBC via Newsbusters

Given her affiliation, her perspective wasn't exactly dissimilar from Carmon's.

"We know that the folks on the ground there in Albuquerque — the Catholics, Methodists, others of faith — are really not supportive of this ban and they don't believe that it's what is good for Albuquerque or for the state itself," she told Roberts.

Roberts then asked Hutchinson a telling, broader question: "(W)hat is the progress that you're seeing from Catholics on this, especially given the direction that we're seeing with the new progressive attitude that's coming out of Vatican City and Pope Francis?"

“(W)e've heard from Catholics on the ground there in Albuquerque. They are not happy that the Knights of Columbus, that their local Catholic hierarchy have been pushing this ban," Hutchinson replied. "They don't want to hear about these kinds of issues in the homily, during mass, at their ministries. They want to be able to vote their consciences and they are going to vote their consciences to vote against this ban today."

Here's the clip from MSNBC via Newsbusters:

And here's a clip from a rally in Columbus, Ohio, last month where Hutchinson spelled out the goals and values of Catholics for Choice in front of enthusiastic listeners:

(H/T: Newsbusters)



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