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The Supercut That Reveals How Democrats, Obama Suddenly Stopped Calling the Affordable Care Act 'Obamacare


"...they’re going to stop calling it Obamacare."

In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats and President Barack Obama have stopped referring to the Affordable Care Act as “Obamacare” and are now calling it by its formal name.

“I know health care is controversial, so there’s only going to be so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis — until it’s working really well, and then they’re going to stop calling it Obamacare,” President Barack Obama himself said on Nov. 8.

But contrary to the president’s remarks, it looks like the bill’s supporters are the ones who have stopped "calling it Obamacare.”

The following supercut from the Washington Free Beacon underscores the sudden shift in language:

“(T)he law’s popularity has slumped to new lows in the wake of Obama’s broken promises, rising premiums, insurance cancellations and a disastrous rollout,” the Beacon notes. “Obama’s approval rating has also plummeted as a result.”

Could it be, perhaps the Obama White House is trying to distance itself from the bill’s disastrous rollout and the total failure of the website?


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