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We Usually Don't Post Cellphone Videos -- Then Again, They Usually Don't Do Something as Awesome as This


"The most interesting phone in the world right now."

Brownlee makes a deeper cut in the back of the phone with a knife. It took several hours to self-heal, but the scratch was still somewhat visible. (Image source: YouTube)

Most smartphone owners take precautions to protect their devices with cases and screen covers. Most would never dream of taking a knife deliberately to the device.

But most don't have an LG G Flex with a self-healing screen.

Marques Brownlee got his hands on what he called "the most interesting phone in the world right now" and demonstrated just how far the phone can go at doctoring itself.

Brownlee scratched the back of the phone with a set of keys, simulating what could happen if the phone happened to find itself in one's pocket alongside keys.

scratch lg g flex Brownlee scratched the LG G Flex phone with a set of keys, only to see it "heal" a significant amount but not completely. (Image source: YouTube)

He found that after a few minutes "the scratches were mostly minimized." Although not completely gone, they were far less noticeable than when the wounds were inflicted.

"This would be awesome if you dropped your phone on concrete," Brownlee said.

Next, Brownlee took a knife to the phone. It took several hours and the knife's scratch wasn't completely healed, but he said it was still better than how a traditional phone without the technology would fair.

scratch lg g flex Brownlee makes a deeper cut in the back of the phone with a knife. It took several hours to self-heal, but the scratch was still somewhat visible. (Image source: YouTube)

Brownlee also found that heating the phone somewhat in the sun or rubbing it vigorously actually speeds up the healing process.

In addition to having a self-healing coating, Brownlee demonstrated another innovative property on the phone -- its "flex." Brownlee uses his body weight to push the curve of the phone downward. It bends and pops back when released without damage to the exterior or inner workings.

scratch lg g flex What makes the LG G Flex stand out to a competitor with a similarly curved screen is that the device actually can bend to flat without damage. (Image source: YouTube)

Check out the demo:

Here's more about the phone from LG's website:

Innovative technology and a sleek, curved design – the LG G Flex is a flexible phone that not only delivers a more comfortable grip and fit, but it offers improved voice and sound quality. Along with its stunning vertical curve, the LG G Flex also features a rear key to help users avoid accidentally powering off the device, as well as QTheater, Dual Window and Face Detection technology, a camera timer and an urgent call alert system. Additionally, our flexible cell phone boasts a “self-healing” coating on the back cover, which gives the innovative G Flex the ability to recover from scratches and nicks.

Watch LG's own promotional video for the LG G Flex released last week:

The LG G Flex isn't the only phone to feature a curved screen. Samsung Electronics released a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in late October.

Samsung said the Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch OLED screen with a vertical concave. It said the curve makes the device an easy grip despite its size. Brownlee called out the Galaxy Round for a lack resilience when compared to the LG G Flex's capabilities though.

Samsung's latest patent filings showed drawings of smart wristwatches using flexible displays. Curved or unbreakable screens are the initial step before developing flexible smartphones amid absence of flexible batteries and other components.

Both Samsung and LG have already manufactured curved TVs using advanced displays called OLED.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

(H/T: Business Insider, Gizmodo)



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