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Just Take a Second to Look at the Diaper-Wearing Goat Cops Came Across in Jose Conseco's Car After Pulling Him Over


"I hope they have Twitter in heaven."

Image: Twitter

On Wednesday, former baseball player turned author and reality TV star Jose Canseco was driving in Nevada, reportedly en route to shoot a documentary about fainting goats, when the police pulled him over. The officer was probably surprised to find Canseco and his girlfriend -- model Leila Knight --riding with two goats in the back of their car -- and one of the four-legged creatures was wearing a diaper.

Image source: Twitter

Canseco and Knight both tweeted the photo and reported that the cop "laughed at our poor goats."

Image source: Twitter

Jose's Twitter feed also teased the documentary and urged people to visit his and Leila's YouTube channel for a preview:

Image source: Twitter

TheBlaze visited the couple's YouTube channel in hopes of catching a glimpse of the goats and possibly the traffic stop that involved them. Unfortunately, it appears that those clips may have been deleted. Despite being promoted by Canseco and linked on his Twitter feed on Nov. 20, the latest two clips on the channel are no longer available. In fact, the earliest clip that can be seen is from July of this year:

Image source: YouTube

Until the fainting goat documentary is finished or clips are posted online, Jose Canseco fans will have to be satisfied by following his Twitter feed or looking at some of his classic tweets. If you're looking for Canseco witticisms, you can visit Favstar, the site that gathers some of the most entertaining tweets on the web and puts them all on one page. That's exactly where we found these Canseco gems from the past.

Almost two years ago, Canseco had a "close encounter" that he claimed gave him "the lottery numbers." We don't recall hearing that he won a big jackpot:

Image source: Favstar

Jose also had a realization about melting icebergs, and the possibility that global warming might have prevented the Titanic from sinking:

Image source: Favstar

How much does Mr. Canseco love Twitter? He's hoping that heaven has social media:

Image source: Favstar

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

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