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Afraid of Snakes? Be Glad You Didn't Open This Bag of Green Beans


"I started panicking..."

An Oregon woman says she found a dead snake's head in a bag of frozen green beans this week.

Misty Moser said she was preparing the vegetables Thursday night when her sister noticed something odd. After running water over it, Moser was stunned to determine it was a snake's head.

"I started panicking, and I actually had to ask everybody, 'What does this look like to you?' because I could not believe it was a snake head," Moser told KPTV.

An Oregon woman says she found a snake head in a pack of frozen green beans Thursday night. (Image source: Screen grab via KPTV)

"I thought it was a heart to something at first," Moser added.

The woman then called the number listed on the bag of frozen vegetables, but was appalled at the lack of concern she claims the operator demonstrated.

Moser said the woman she spoke with initially offered her a $15 coupon and only referred her to the claims department after she threatened legal action.

A spokesperson for Fred Meyer told KPTV the operator did not follow protocol and instructed Moser to go to the store she purchased the beans at to file a claim.

Earlier this month, a London woman made news when she found several venomous spiders crawling over bananas she had purchased at the store.

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