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University Upset After Video Showing Students Partying Incredibly Hard Goes Viral


"The university finds the video disappointing..."

The University of Colorado — Boulder denounced this viral video showing students heavily partying on Friday. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)\n

The University of Colorado — Boulder denounced this viral video showing students heavily partying on Friday. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

The University of Colorado — Boulder denounced a viral video on Friday that shows their students heavily partying and consuming large amounts of alcohol.

"The university finds the video disappointing because it does not portray the behavior of a majority of our students," school spokesman Mark Miller told KDVR.

[sharequote align="center"]"The university finds the video disappointing..."[/sharequote]

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, has garnered over 65,000 views and shows students binge drinking, appearing to smoke marijuana and engaging in promiscuous behavior.

The video purportedly offers a glimpse into the party scene at the University of Colorado — Boulder. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

"You know Boulder does it better than anyone," an unidentified female says at the beginning of the video. "We'll show you Boulder."

The YouTube sensation comes on the heels of Boulder launching a new ad campaign aimed at highlighting the school's academic achievements, after Playboy ranked the school as the number three party college in the nation.

Individuals were seen drinking large volumes of alcohol in the viral video. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

According to the video's producers, it was aimed at generating publicity for a new smartphone application called "Blend."

The application "lets students share unique experiences and get free stuff from their favorite brands," according to it's description on the Apple iTunes store website.

CEO and founder of Blend Akash Nigam defended the video's representation of Boulder culture in an interview with KDVR.

"Universities do party like that," he said. "You could be at Princeton and they do that."

Nigam added he intended the video to stir controversy.

"We felt like something like a video like that would definitely be viral enough to get our name out and it did," he said.

But some students on campus had no idea what the video was advertising. One thought it was aimed at showing off the school, another suggested the app's creators get back to the marketing table.

University officials say this video doesn't accurately portray the University of Colorado — Boulder. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

"They should try a different approach," an unidentified female student said. "That's not the only way to reach out to college kids."

Watch the viral video (EDITOR'S NOTE: Video depicts drug use, strong sexual themes and includes vulgar language — Caution is advised):


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