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TheBlaze gives thanks


We at TheBlaze would like to wish you, your family and friends a very special and memorably Thanksgiving. No doubt, you're giving thanks for everything you have and we wanted to share our thanks with you...

"I'm thankful that I can spend this holiday with my family this year. Last year, I was in Afghanistan, surrounded by soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines and celebrated the holiday with an different kind of family. I'm extremely thankful that there are individuals like those I spent last Thanksgiving with in this world - they are incredible people who are willing to be away from their family and do whatever job our nation requires of them."-- Sarah Rivette, commentary editor

"I am thankful for my amazing, dedicated colleagues who make coming to work every day at TheBlaze a great adventure!"-- Betsy Morgan, president

"I am thankful for 15-month-old Ava, my wife, Andrea, my faith and my family. Oh, and for 'Duck Dynasty.'"-- Billy Hallowell, faith editor

"I'm really thankful for the TheBlaze's team of writers and editors. There's no way you get to the place we are in three years without a selfless group. While I'm sure many other sites are rabidly focused on individual numbers, we have a team with such team players. And it makes everyone else's job easier. And it's better for my marriage! On a less serious note: I'm thankful for pigs. Why? Because they give us footballs. And I love the game of football!"-- Jon Seidl, deputy managing editor

"Thankful for baseball, Gibson guitars, brown liquor and Rashida Jones of 'The Office.' Also, family and friends (probably)."-- Becket Adams, business editor

"Religious liberty, free speech, wife, kids, blah blah blah. But mostly -- gluttony."-- Chris Field, TheBlaze Magazine executive editor

"Ha, my family obviously!"-- Erica Ritz, assistant editor

"This Thanksgiving I'm endlessly thankful for not (yet?) having to navigate Healthcare.gov, given that TheBlaze provides its employees with outstanding health benefits. THANK YOU!"-- Eddie Scarry, TheBlaze Blog editor

"I am thankful for our health insurance plan."-- Meredith Jessup, TheBlaze Blog editor

"Honestly, at the moment, I'm thankful that my in-laws only tasked me with bringing rolls this year. I was slightly miffed at first because I love cooking and baking (and I'm pretty good at it). But as Thanksgiving creeped up on the schedule, I'm glad to only have to make that one thing. They'll still be the best darn rolls ever, though."-- Liz Klimas, science and technology editor

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