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When a 7-Year-Old Boy Was Hit in the Head While Playing Outside, His Parents Probably Didn't Expect the Culprit to Be Out of This World


"I almost pulled a hamstring I ran out there so fast."

Boys will be boys when playing outside and are likely to get their fair share of bumps and bruises, but the Florida 7-year-old who had to get three staples in his head wasn't necessarily playing too hard. He was hit by what his dad thinks were falling meteorites.

Steven Lippard was playing outside their Palm Beach County home Saturday when he was struck by something and his head began to bleed. According to WPEC-TV, Wayne Lippard, Steven's father, said he thought his son might have been hit by a bird or golf ball at first.

boy hit by meteorite Steven Lippard has three staples in his head after being struck by something his dad thinks were meteorites. (Image source: WPEC-TV)

"I almost pulled a hamstring I ran out there so fast," Wayne Lippard told the news station of the moment when he saw his son bleeding.

The family ended up finding small rocks near Steven and sent them to Florida Atlantic University. Initial analysis of the pea-size rocks indicate they are metallic, supporting the theory they came from space. More research on the rocks is being conducted.

boy hit by meteorite The family found these small rocks near where Steven was hit outside his home over the weekend. Initial analysis shows they are metallic and could be from space. (Image source: WPEC-TV)

Watch WPEC-TV's report about the unusual encounter:

What are the odds of someone being hit by a meteorite? WPEC reported that only two people in the U.S. have reported being hit by one.

When asked if he gained any super powers from his encounter with the space rocks, Steven shyly said "no."




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