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Limbaugh: I do 'more straight news reporting' than CNN

In this Jan. 1, 2010 file photo, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference in Honolulu. (Photo: AP/Chris Carlson)

Conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh on his show Tuesday dismissed the recent report that CNN head Jeff Zucker plans to program more documentaries and primetime specials and less newscasts at the channel.

"If these people at CNN really think that all they've been doing is broadcasting straight news, it's hopeless, if that's the basis for their change," Limbaugh said. "They haven't been broadcasting straight news. They're just as left-wing as anybody else in the media, and they haven't been doing news. They, too, are part of the daily soap opera that everybody thinks is the news. But there isn't any news being reported."

Zucker had previously told Capital New York that it wasn't in CNN's future to rely solely on reporting news.

The best part of Limbaugh's monologue: "You know, I think, on this program, we do more straight news reporting than you will find combined on the three nightly newscasts and CNN. We do. Now, I also throw in my opinion in it, like Peter Jennings used to do.  But there's more straight news."

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