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The Incredible Way a Balloon -- and Faith in God -- Led to an 'Answered Prayer' for Two Foster Kids


"I can just see God taking this balloon and blowing it in the right direction..."

Two foster children from Tennessee recently had their prayers for finding an adoptive family before Christmas answered -- and in an incredible way.

The sisters, Eva, 6, and Jasmine, 8, from Knox County, Tenn., were attending vacation Bible school over the summer at a local church when they first drafted their prayer for a permanent home.

Eva and Jasmine were recently adopted in Tennessee (Credit: WBIR-TV)

The girls joined their peers in writing a prayer request on an index card, attaching it to a balloon and sending it into the air in hopes that their prayers would come to fruition, The Christian Post noted.

Eva and Jasmine simply wrote, "We want to be adopted by our new mother and father this Christmas."

At the time, Eva and Jasmine had been living with Lynn and Dennis, their foster parents, for about two months, but the girls were already certain that they wanted the couple to officially adopt them.

Little did they know at the time, but their wish would inevitably be granted.

Of the 30 balloons that were sent that day, only one message made its way back to the original sender. The balloon reportedly floated all the way to an RV park in Maryland, where it was found and mailed back to Eva and Jasmine.

The prayer request's return convinced Lynn and Dennis that adopting the girls was something God wanted them to do.

"I can just see God taking this balloon and blowing it in the right direction -- to be found and be sent back to us to tell us he approves for us to be able to adopt these girls," Lynn told WBIR-TV.

Dennis added, "It just felt like the right thing to do. It's what I wanted to do. ... It was an answered prayer."

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Adoptive agencies helped the family push through the adoption, which was official this week. In the end, Eva and Jasmine got the ending they had been hoping -- and praying -- for.

(H/T: The Christian Post)



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