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(Update) Blaze editor runs out of food in ice storm, tweets epic story of trying to eat that shows value of being prepared


Jason Howerton, one of our editors, found himself in a miserable position over the weekend, caused by a personal shortage of food in the ice storm that has paralyzed parts of Texas.

He tweeted his experience and the lesson he learned from it...

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Update: Howerton answers some pressing questions about his trek through the icy cold to get food (beer and wings)...

Howerton told TheBlaze Blog that the reason he went to a restaurant and got beer and wings for food rather than going to a grocery store, as some of his followers suggested he should have done, was because the nearest grocery store was much further than the restaurant.

"Where I live, there's a little restaurant and a Burger King and really those were the only things in walking distance," he said. "It took me from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. just to go to that restaurant. If I would have gone to the store, I probably wouldn't have made it home 'til 4 in the morning."

Asked why he only had soup for food, Howerton said he and his fiancee have been occupied with holiday traveling since before Thanksgiving and had not had time to buy groceries. He also said no restaurant was delivering food because of the ice on the roads.

On the lesson he learned: "Next time, don't be an idiot."

Howerton has since emerged from his home after being shut in since Wednesday. "It feels really good to be in the world again and I'm able to drive and I'm going to Petsmart so that my dog doesn't die." His dog, fortunately, did have enough food to last through the inclement weather, but ran out at the end.

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