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A Cool Chart of the World's Largest Cities – Since 4,000 B.C.


Financial mega-firm Goldman Sachs on Friday released a collection of charts that “reflect the interweaving links between key investment themes, and the implications of these for companies, sectors and countries,” compiler Hugo Scott-Gall explained, according to Zero Hedge.

In simpler terms, the charts present data regarding the historical flow of people, energy, and capital between countries.

"There are common threads that run through these ideas including the potency of innovation that can disrupt business models and blur sector boundaries, falling rents to labour, and the broadly disinflationary consequences of many of these themes,” Scott-Gall wrote.

Nestled among the many, many charts is a particularly interesting overview of the world's largest cities in the east and west dating back to at least 4,000 B.C.


Image source: Business Insider via Goldman Sachs


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