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Obamacare 'Assisters' Recruit Young Enrollees Where They 'Party by Night and Shop by Day


“My motto is ‘Get them health care while you get them Jordans.'"

Image source: WCTV-TV

Obamacare needs young people to sign up to offset health-care costs of older, less-healthy Americans.

Which may explain why Obamacare "assisters" took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on Saturday to recruit new youthful members where they “party by night and shop by day," Fox News reported.

Image source: WCTV-TV

That meant heading to a pair of Foot Locker stores where Nike’s Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” sneakers were on sale; after that, it'll be two Denny’s restaurants from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Fox News noted.

“My motto is ‘Get them health care while you get them Jordans,’” DC Health Links representative Vanessa Brooks told the station — then told Foot Locker customers: “Get some health care to go along with them taxis, OK? You got to have it. And you need it.”

At Denny's, Brooks and other so-called “assisters” will provide information, answer questions and enroll residents.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)



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