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Glenn Beck ridicules controversy over Santa Claus' race: 'I got news for ya...


Glenn Beck on his radio program Tuesday likened the controversy over the race of Santa Claus to an argument over the race of Mickey Mouse. It is "nonsensical," he argued.

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Many of those involved, Beck maintained, are failing to keep one important fact first in their minds: Santa Claus doesn't actually exist, and we have far bigger issues as a country to tackle.

"$17 trillion," Beck said. "Our country is on the verge of collapse. Our president doesn't obey the laws. Our people don't obey the laws ... The NSA is spying on us ... The government has lied over and over again. We're in wars we don't even understand. But you want to know what color a fictional mouse is? You want to know what color?"

"I got news for ya," Beck remarked. "You do the math on this. I hate to break it to you, kids, but Mickey Mouse isn't real."

Beck said there "should be no controversy" about what race a fictional character is, and "no one should be in trouble over it."

"It's not hateful to think that he's white or black," Beck said simply. "Doesn't exist ... A little helpful hint there. There is no Mickey Mouse."

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