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Progressive group offers access to Hillary Clinton -- for a price

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According to The Hill, you'll need to make that check out to John Podesta & the Center for American Progress:

The liberal Center for American Progress (CAP) this year promised corporate donors a chance to meet Hillary Rodham Clinton in return for a $250,000 donation, documents obtained by The Hill show. [...]

The documents ask prospective donors to contribute to CAP’s “Progressive Party,” which was held Oct. 24 to honor the group’s 10th anniversary. Donors who gave at least $250,000 — earning “patron” status — were told they would have a chance to meet Clinton.

“Patrons will also have the opportunity to meet the special guest speaker,” the document says, referring to the former secretary of State.

Purse said Clinton’s appearance added to the excitement for the 10th anniversary party and boosted attendance.

“It was our largest party ever,” Purse said.

The Hill notes, however, that after promising donors the opportunity to meet with Clinton, the meetings never happened.  Nevertheless, the public offer of access to the potential 2016 presidential contender "highlights how CAP has blurred the line between think tank and party appendage" for Democrats.

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