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You Couldn't Stain This T-Shirt if You Tried

Image source: Silic/Kickstarter

It's a Monday morning nightmare -- the moment while driving to work or riding the subway with a comforting thermos of coffee and then you spill it. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if you were wearing the new water-repelling technology like that featured in the Silic, "self-cleaning" shirt.

Silic Image source: Silic/Kickstarter

This shirt, currently being crowd-funded by Kickstarter, is one of many in the realm of fascinating hydrophobic products. The Kickstarter campaign for the shirt had a goal of raising $20,000 and is already nearing $60,000 with 39 days of funding to go.

"Throughout the day, our clothes are exposed to numerous things that can damage them," the Silic team stated on the Kickstarter site. "The biggest risk factors are the things we eat and drink. Ever spilled wine or dropped food on your clothes and had to change your entire outfit? Silic is determined to help you stay clean."

silic Image source: Silic/Kickstarter

The fabric achieves its spill-proof goals with "nanotechnology bonded to the fibers," specifically silica, which causes the liquids to ball up and roll off the shirt.

Watch this demo:

The Silic creators also pointed out that their product, unlike other hydrophobic products, does not contain materials that could be carcinogenic. The technology can also withstand up to 80 washes.

(H/T: Popular Science)



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