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Could Pressure on Your Pinky Finger Stop You From Snoring?


"I’ve stopped being woken up, furious, at 4 a.m."

Most anti-snoring techniques focus on working the nasal passage itself, but a U.K. company targets the treatment to an unusual body part instead: the pinky finger.

By putting pressure at the base of the little finger, the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring claims to reduce snoring through the Chinese technique of acupressure.

In its own study this year, Good Night Ring with MORI Research found 68 percent of the ring's users said their snoring had stopped or was reduced.

good night ring Image source: Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

The Good Night Ring website also referenced a 2008 clinical trial conducted by a hospital in the U.K. investigating the acupressure ring. This study found that 63.6 percent of its patients who snored showed improvement with the ring.

Watch this promo video about the product:

According to the website, the ring works best when users wear it every night, putting it on at least 30 minutes before bed.

Earlier this year, former BBC journalist Rosie Millard tested out the device after suffering sleepless nights due to her husband's snoring problem.

"It works! Actually it really does. I’ve stopped being woken up, furious, at 4 a.m.," Millard wrote on her blog.

Millard included that her husband also had taken up long-distance bicycling, which in addition to trimming his physique, might have helped with the snoring as well. Being overweight, among a variety of other factors, can lead to snoring.

If the ring's acupressure technique does not work on a customer, the company stated that it will refund the money. There are similar rings that claim to reduce snoring on the market as well.

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