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Unlawful Duo Found an Empty House – They Realized Too Late a Concealed Carry Permit Holder Was House-Sitting


"I told them, ‘Freeze! Hit the floor! I will shoot you!’"


A man house-sitting for neighbors in Christian, W.Va., on Saturday says he had no choice but to use his firearm in self-defense after he caught two men trying to break into the home, sparking a physical confrontation.

Terry Robbins. (WCHS-TV)

Terry Robbins, a concealed carry permit holder, was reportedly alerted of a possible break-in by the out-of-town homeowners, who had received a phone call from the alarm company. They apparently asked him to go check out the situation.

Robbins says he then caught two men, identified as Jimmy Walker and Justin Blair, trying to break into the house.

"I told them, ‘Freeze! Hit the floor! I will shoot you!’ " he told WCHS-TV.

A struggle reportedly ensued between Robbins and Walker, forcing the man to fire his gun in self-defense. With his accomplice shot and bleeding, Blair reportedly fled the scene.

Walker made it to his dad's house and was later taken to the intensive care unit of a Charleston area hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Police later found Blair hiding at a relative's home and arrested him.


Walker's dad told the news station that the break-in was fueled by his son's drug addiction. Robbins said he hopes Walker pulls through and gets his life together.

Police are not pressing charges against Robbins in the incident.


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