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Three Friends & Three Drunk Driving Charges Make For One Hard to Believe Story

Three New Jersey friends were arrested for DWI after they each called one another for a ride home from the police station last Monday. (Image source: Shutterstock)

Three friends in New Jersey were all charged with driving under the influence last Monday after they called one another for a ride home from the police station.

It all started when Carmen Reatequi, 34, was pulled over for swerving on the road. After failing a field sobriety test, she was booked and charged with DWI, failure to stay in her lane and failure to provide proof of insurance, according to NJ.com.

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That's when Reatequi made a phone call to Nina Petracca, 23, for a ride home from the police station.

Upon her arrival, police noticed Petracca was displaying signs of intoxication. After she admitted to police she had driven herself to the police station, she was given a field sobriety test.

Petracca failed the test and was booked for DWI as well. A subsequent search turned up seven Vicodin tablets in her purse and Petracca was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

She then called Ryan Hogan, 33.

When Hogan turned up at the police station, an officer detected the smell of alcohol. When Hogan told police he had driven himself to the police station, they administered yet another sobriety test. Hogan too failed and was booked for DWI.

According to NJ.com, all three drivers were eventually released to a sober adult. They are all slated to appear in court in January.

(H/T: Mail Online)


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