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Blaze readers share their Christmas traditions


Thanks to everyone for sharing your Christmas traditions with us!

Here's wonderful tradition of spreading Christmas joy (and deliciousness), from Jennifer:

We take cookies to our local police department. My husband is a police officer so we know the sacrifice of having to work on Christmas and other holidays.  Just shows them that we care.  I’ve never seen anyone else at the station doing this and we have been doing it for 5 years now.

Sadly, this tradition from blinklight is all too familiar in my house...

Twas the week before Christmas and no time to be lazy, for all through the house people were cleaning like crazy…

Picketwire carries on the traditions of past generations:

My dad was the 1st of 8, he was born in 1911 and as a young man ran a trapline. He purchased a crate of pink grapefruit as his gift to the family on the family farm in eastern Colo. for Christmas morning breakfast before the family went to the local 1 room school for church. We (his sons and daughters, grandchildren and great grand children) carry on that tradition of serving pink grapefruit on Christmas morning and then Church.

Many of my cousins and their children also still continue this tradition. I found this out when attending the family Christmas Reunion that is held on the Sunday after Christmas in the town near where my grandparents settled in the late 1800′s.

Stay tuned for more!

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