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Speeding Florida Drivers Get Tickets From Cops on Christmas – But It's Really Not What You Think


"We’re getting a lot of surprised looks…people don’t know what to say."

Police officers in Melbourne, Fla., pulled over speeding drivers on Christmas day and gave them tickets – lottery tickets.

Sgt. Sheridan Shelley of the Melbourne Police Department told ABC News that officers used their own money to purchase the lottery tickets.

"This was just the officers doing a community service, teaching public safety and giving back to the community," Shelley said. "They [the officers] went ahead and gave a scratch-off ticket to the driver, said, 'Happy Holidays' and, 'Drive Safely.'"

In addition to a lottery ticket, each driver also got a speeding warning.

“When we pull the motorists over, we’re also giving them the scratch-off tickets that the officers bought with their own personal funds. It’s something good to do in light of the holidays. We’re getting a lot of surprised looks…people don’t know what to say," Sgt. Jamie Rocque told Florida Today.

The offer was a "one shot deal" on Christmas, Shelley explained. Anyone hoping to get a lottery ticket for speeding the day after Christmas will be out of luck and will probably leave with a real speeding ticket.


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