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Just a photo of Kim Jong Un alone on a ski lift

Rodong Sinmun/EPA

From ABC News: "After pushing for his dream ski resort, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un finally rode the lift at Masik Pass Ski Resort, which only took one year to build from scratch."

Rodong Sinmun/EPA

And in case you wondered what Kim said to his people on New Year's day in North Korea...

Here's an excerpt:

"The thriving socialist country we are building is a civilized socialist one where all its people are possessed of profound cultural knowledge, sturdy physique and noble moral virtues, enjoying a socialist life to their heart's content under the most cultured conditions and environment, and a beautiful and sound lifestyle pervades the whole society. ...

"We should develop Pyongyang into a more majestic and picturesque city as befits the capital of Juche Korea, the centre of Songun culture, and turn all streets and villages, mountains and rivers in provinces, cities and counties into a socialist paradise. At the same time we should set up modern cultural and welfare facilities, parks and pleasure grounds in larger numbers, thus making our people enjoy a cultured life of a new era to their heart's content."

His full remarks, which are every bit as delusional, can be read here.

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