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Geraldo had a 'hoppy New Year

via Twitter @GeraldoRivera

via Twitter @GeraldoRivera

Fox News anchor and notorious selfie tweeter Geraldo Rivera did ring in the New Year in high spirits, despite a recent surgery to fix his mangled right foot.

"[My wife] Erica, 8-year-old Sol (daughter) and I multi-partied, watching the ball drop on live TV and in real-life from our terrace," Rivera told TheBlaze Blog in an email Wednesday. "It was slightly less painful than last year's Disney Cruise."

Rivera sent out a series of tweets with photos on New Year's Eve, chronicling his trip to and from a New York hospital for the foot surgery. We had asked him at the time whether he would feel in shape to celebrate the New Year.

"Hoppy New Year," read the subject line of Rivera's email to us. Attached was the photo to the right.

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