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How Do a Rug, a Blaze Writer, and a Gas Leak All Equal a Lesson for the American People?


"Stop saying no. Stop saying it's a dumb idea."

Glenn Beck speaks on The Glenn Beck Program Jan. 6, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Returning from vacation Monday, Glenn Beck told his television audience about a gift so important he said he could lose "everything" at his ranch, but he would hate to lose this. The gift was a rug made by a listener in Spokane, Wash. that is affectionately called "the American storyteller rug."

Beck said he recently walked into his kitchen at the ranch and "somehow or another" a book about the rug was sitting on their kitchen table and "nobody knows how." It was written by the rug's maker, who described how a number of years ago, after hearing Beck reminisce about his grandparents' rug, she was overwhelmed by the idea that she should make him a new one.

Glenn Beck speaks on The Glenn Beck Program Jan. 6, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"What did I know?" she wrote, describing how she subsequently thought it was a silly idea and that she wasn't even that good at the craft. But she went through with it anyway, collecting different fabrics as she found them. She included the military blanket of a soldier, a childhood dress of a woman now old, a piece of a jacket from a first job interview, and more in the rug.

Beck said he cherishes the gift so much he moved it by the bookshelf, saying it was "far too important to be by the front door."

"Stop saying no. Stop saying it's a dumb idea," Beck told his audience. "Stop saying it can't be done, shouldn't be done ..."

Beck proceeded to tell a story about how one of his best friends, Blaze editor-at-large Mike Opelka, decided this year that he "was just going to listen to all of the promptings."

It may have saved his life this weekend when, in the middle of the night, Opelka felt a prompting to go check the hoses on all of the spigots outside. Most would've thought, "I wonder where that came from?" and gone back to bed, but he had made a promise that he would "listen and obey."

So Opelka got up and checked them all, stopping before he came to the one that was furthest away. But he said he would say yes, and so he went -- and before he got close, he could smell the overpowering smell of a gas leak.

"He immediately ran inside and called the gas company. Within ten minutes they arrived at the house. Said if he wouldn't have found that gas ... it would've blown everything up," Beck related.

One of the men who arrived couldn't help but be a little curious as to what Opelka was doing outside in the middle of a freezing night. Opelka responded that he had a prompting to check the garden hoses.

"The guy from the gas company just looked at him and said, 'Boy somebody's looking out for you,'" Beck continued. "Let me tell you something - somebody is always looking out for you. Somebody's always trying to tell you ... just do it."

He continued: "We all have a story to tell. We all have a reason to be here. We all have a job to do. And too many of us, unfortunately, are telling ourselves and others or are telling others, 'No. That's stupid. That's foolish. Don't do it.'"

"Recognize the miracles that you have waiting inside of you, if you would just tell your story," he concluded.

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