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Hannity Clarifes His Vow to Leave New York: 'As Soon As...


"But I will definitely leave New York."

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Sean Hannity has held a concealed carry permit in every state he's lived. His hair is real. He has an extensive gun collection. He's open to a running for office. And he's "definitely" leaving New York. When exactly? Well, that was part of the discussion during his first ever "Ask Sean" segment on his TV show that allowed viewers to ask him anything they wanted.

When one viewer asked if he would ever run for office, Hannity said he's actually open to it. That's when he doubled down on his promise this week to leave New York after the governor of that state made some incendiary remarks about conservatives.

"I'm leaving New York, as you know," he told Fox Business' Dagen McDowell.

But then he clarified when that might happen.

"As soon as I can," he assured. "There are logistical issues in terms of, I have a lot of people that work for me, I have kids in school. ... So I'm gong to leave on my time frame. I have contractual obligations, obviously. But I will definitely leave New York."

He also told Greta VanSusteren it will happen "some time probably when my son graduates from high school," and described some of the other obligations as well as complaints he has:

You can watch the "Ask Sean" segment below for other revelations, but the talk of leaving New York starts around the five-minute mark:

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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