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Mike Rowe Proves in One Simple Post That It's Still Possible for the Right to Find Common Ground With the Left


"Cognitive dissonance."

Image source: Mike Rowe/Facebook

Television star Mike Rowe explained in a 295-word Facebook post Wednesday a bizarre moment he experienced when both Glenn Beck and Bill Maher called him to discuss business.

“Earlier this morning, I received a call from Glenn Beck’s people, letting me know that TheBlaze is popping up on satellite and cable providers all over the country. Big news for them, which I agreed to pass on to you,” Rowe said in the post he guaranteed would “annoy almost everybody.”

Image source: Mike Rowe/Facebook

That's where his morning took an odd turn.

“That conversation however, was interrupted by a call from Bill Maher's people. They called to tell me that Bill had signed one of my Work Smart AND Hard Posters, and invited me to offer it as this week's official piece of C.R.A.P. (Collectibles, Rare And Precious).”

But why was the sudden call from Maher, a noted progressive whose working relationship with Rowe is no secret, so odd?

Rowe explained: “In and of themselves, these phone calls are not particularly memorable. But back to back, they create what the shrinks call 'cognitive dissonance.' Not unpleasant, just unusual. How often I wonder, in the history of the world, have Glenn Beck and Bill Maher reached out to the same guy at the same time?”

Again, it’s no secret that Beck and Maher are fans of mikeroweWORKS, and that each has given him a platform to discuss his foundation on their shows, something Rowe says he appreciates “very much.”

But the idea that someone can work with both the right and the left seems a little out of place in today’s political landscape, doesn’t it?

Anyway, Rowe added, “if you want to preserve the possibility of a really weird moment in modern telephony, do NOT ignore your caller ID.”

Also, Rowe added, the “money raised goes to support a variety of trade school initiatives, including work ethic scholarships."

But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at Rowe’s seemingly impossible accomplishment. Indeed, as he has proven over the years, he is capable of a great many things. Most recently, in fact, he has proven that he is a great voice for challenging people to exceed their expectations and to strive for greatness.


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Featured image via Facebook.

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