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Viral Video Blasts Big Government and Crony Capitalism in a Very Hilarious Way


Meet the "Kronies."

Imagine if someone managed to anthropomorphize the institutions normally associated with crony capitalism, including the banking, defense and labor sectors, turning them into supposed superheroes.

Now, imagine if these characters had their own Saturday morning cartoon show and action figures.

Thanks to "The Kronies," an awesome anti-corporatism campaign designed to look like a classic 1980s cartoon, you don't have to imagine anymore.

Image source: YouTube

The campaign, which hit the Internet earlier this week with a series of parody videos and an elaborate parody website, features five main characters: Bankor the Prophet, Ariel Stryker, Kaptain Korn, Parts & Labor and Big G.

“The Kronies are in action...Mandating, Tarrify-ing, Inflating, and Boondoggling their way to profits powered by their special konnection to the G-Force,” the video’s YouTube description reads. “Watch Big-G and his team stomp out competition!”

Oddly enough, no one seems to be claiming responsibility for the campaign.

“The incredibly amusing Kronies website says it is a project of Chimera Global Holdings, another parody site about a fictional company that has made billions by fleecing the American taxpayer,” The Federalist notes. “The WHOIS information for both the Kronies site and the Chimera Global Holdings site has unfortunately been hidden at the request of the owners of the domain names.”

Image source: YouTube.

The conservative website Hotair adds: “Someone put a lot of money and thought into this; the animation and music are of far higher quality than they need to be to make this joke…When I google for info, though, nothing turns up… A domain lookup reveals nothing either.”


Anyway, regardless of who is responsible for the the anti-crony capitalism campaign, the bottom line is the same: It is extremely well done.

Now, we could go into detail describing the characters and how they symbolize the worst of corporatism, but you really need to see for yourself:

But wait! That's not all!

Each Kronie has his own video explaining his strengths and his background.

Here's the background video on Bankor the Prophet:

And here's the video for Parts & Labor:

If you enjoyed the above video, there’s more where that came from.

UPDATE: The creative geniuses behind "The Kronies" have identified themselves!

John Papola, who is chiefly responsible for the campaign, and Max Borders joined TheBlaze TV's "The Glenn Beck Program" on Monday, January 27th, to talk about the videos.

Watch the segment here.


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